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(E.A.T.S.) Entity Structure, Asset Protection, Trust & Subject-to Workshop

Enjoy the luxury of attending our in depth two-day live training event from the comfort of your home, without additional travel expense. You can watch the training on your computer, tv, or smart devices. You have complete access to all the forms and documents. 

You will also receive special bonus deep dive sessions breaking out components of the training in granular detail not presented in the live sessions.
Asset Protection, Trust & Subject to Workshop


Buying Nice Homes in Nice Neighborhoods by Taking Over the Property Subject-to the Existing Financing!

This course is designed to help the intermediate to advanced level real estate investor to leverage yourself into properties with little to no money invested, no qualification process, and no limit on the amount of transactions you can do. That's right, no loan origination fees, tax returns or qualification based on credit. You may even be able to take over the loans with favorable interest rates and well into the loan amortization schedule. 
Subject-to real estate investing is one of the most glorified and fascinating topics discussed amongst real estate investors. This is a powerful real estate investment strategy that can propel an investor into another stratosphere whether you are into portfolio building or flipping properties. This course will teach you what you need to know to add subject-to deals to your real estate investment toolbelt.
That being said, Tony is always quick to point out that Subject-to is an “ADVANCED” investment strategy. It can be a “game changer” when understood and utilized ethically. However, because this transaction is often misunderstood and foreign to many (even by professionals), It can also be a disaster and liability when used foolishly without properly educating yourself in all aspects of the subject-to process.

Buying properties subject-to can be very rewarding, and is an attractive proposition that comes with many benefits, including:

  •   No loan apps or bank qualifying
  •   No new loan costs
  •   Fast closings
  •   No credit or proof of income
  •   Ability to exercise a myriad of exit strategies for increased profit.
  •   Take over low interest rate loans

What you will learn:

This online course is targeted towards real estate investors, with a focus on topics such as:
  • What is the best entity structure for your business? The proper entity can save you big bucks... One size does not fit all!
  • How to protect your assets and reduce your exposure and liability.
  • Using land trust for estate planning and asset protection.
  • Understanding personal property trust
  • How to buy property Subject-to using a land trust.
  • How to handle the “due on sale” clause when buying Subject-to.
  • How to handle the insurance when buying subject-to.
  • How to take title and properly close your subject-to deals with confidence.
  • How to maximize your investment opportunities utilizing a multiple streams of income approach to investing.

What's included?

  •   Remote access to the recorded 2-Day Virtual Workshop Plus Bonus Material
  •   24 Videos over 16 hours
  •   Bonus Deep Dive Material (not presented at Live workshop)
  •   Bonus Sub2 Hands on Case Study
  •   Complete With All Forms, Contracts, Disclosures & Scripts

Asset Protection & 
Estate Planning

You will learn how to develop, organize and implement an asset protection plan and strategy. You will get a working knowledge of what entity structure is best suited for you, based on your actual investment strategy.  Learn formation structures that will help you minimize your tax consequences. In addition you will learn how to reduce  exposure of your assets to lawsuits and judgments.

Creating Land Trust & Personal Property Trust

You will also learn how to form and create your own land trust and personal property trust. Trusts give you a level of anonymity and give you privacy of ownership; help you in avoiding probate; eases the management of multiple owners; and plays a tremendous role in your overall asset protection and estate planning strategy. They are also our suggested tool to use when buying properties Subject to the existing financing. The forms to create your own trusts are included.